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AuthorQueries is a professional company that can help authors turn their books into movies. For most authors, what’s stopping them from achieving their goals is not knowing that opportunities are available. Author Queries has a team of experts who can connect authors with the right people in the industry and get their books made into movies. The company has a proven track record of success and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Author Queries is the best choice for anyone who wants to turn their book into a movie.

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We help you write your query letters to make you standout

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Video Pitching

Our Video Pitch Program is a scheduled pitch meeting between you and a selected producer who accepts materials that matches your book’s genre or film potential. Each meeting is scheduled for 5-15 minutes depending on how well you present your work. Please note that the producers are also reviewing competing materials so make sure to prepare your pitch and be ready to answer questions.

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Meetings are generally done via Skype or Zoom and will be attended by you and the selected producer.

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Script/Concept Syndication

Aside from the video meeting we will also send a pitch letter/query to multiple production houses to boost your chances of getting picked up.

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Book Trailer Concept

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Don’t just pitch the idea of your book turning into a movie let our expert book to film visionaries translate a summary of your book into a film via a Book Trailer Concept. This Film Concept will be a visual tool that we can provide you for the video pitch and the Query Syndication.

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