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Hey, my name is Bob Dillon, and I am a consultant for authors who are interested to find representation for their books, I’d like to share something with you…

In the summer of 2019 an author penned as Miranda consulted for my services – reading her work, instantly I knew that her book is a bestseller in progress, we wrote multiple query letters with different versions for every other literary agents that matched her genre and within 30 days, we got 45 rejection letters and 7 request for her whole manuscript…
Within 60 days those 7 request turned to 3 representation offers…
And within 3 months, we inked a deal with Penguin!
I thought this casestudy was really cool, and that you’d probably like it a lot, so I got permission to post this case study here for you to read. I hope you enjoy!

CASESTUDY: How We took 1 Manuscript, Made A Few Versions Of Queries, And Turned It Into A Published Title With A Powerhouse Publisher in 3 Months...

That was February of 2018 when I finished my novel Chasing Butterflies, I really don’t know anyone that would help me launch my publishing career.

I was a teacher, yes I know how to write novels here and there but certainly I’m no expert in selling my stuff. 
Yes, I tried connecting on social media, but nobody was really taking me seriously. 
Not a good sign to start a publishing career. 
I had tested and tried a LOT of things like getting self publishers to help me publish my book – not the best decision…
While I was in my self publishing journey, I lost thousands of dollars just to get my book out there. 
The designs were good… the people working with me sounded nice. 
But none of their promises really came true. 
I told them what I feel about our project, what our progress are, and why I was frustrated because for almost a year now, nothing has ever happened to my book yet. 
After talking to my self publishers I never heard back from them. 
I knew I am into something but I just could find the right approach or partner. 

"Always follow the old way, new ways are simply renovated roads of the old one." -Bob Dillon

Boom – that was the one thing that struck me after speaking with Bob. I saw his blog online and sent him a message to talk to me about my publishing situation. 

He asked me a question:
How many agents have you contacted for this book?
Huh…? How many? 3? I mean, can I really contact as many agents as I can? And if that’s the case, how can I even find them?

"J.K. Rowling got rejected 12 times, that's counting the rejection letters she receive. How many do you think she sent?"

he asked...

Now, that was a light bulb moment. I had never looked at before.   

So I went back to the drawing board, started to see how and why didn’t I start to find literary agents first before I tried self publishing… and figured out that I sent query letters to only 4 agents and 2 of them are even on the same company. 
“Well, that’s your problem – you’ve spent months or even years planning and writing this book but you never planned how you’re gonna get real publishers to publish this.”
Hmmm… I know, I told him. So how can I move forward now?

I did what he asked, I wrote a summary of my book,

I sent my principal a copy, our librarian and a stranger from Walmart read my 1 paragraph summary (lol). I really did.
At first I didn’t like their reactions so I rewrote it and didn’t let the same person read my new version (taking it to the next level) until I am satisfied with how the first reaction is. When I got my final version I shared it to everybody and they all have the same response – I love it! 
That’s the reaction of a game winner and I’m taking it!
Now all I have to do, was find literary agents to read my summary so I got back to Bob and showed him my summary. He asked:
“Where’s your query letter?”  
I showed him a version where I inserted my one paragraph summary to the query letter I made before. He said, I should just pack up and give up. Yes, he is straight to the point.
He did gave me 4 templates that I could work on and improve my query letter. 
Within 1 week, I have 8 versions of my queries.
Bob then read my query letter and sent it to his contacts. 3 months forward now I’m a published author with Penguin. By the way, I’m on my second publication with Penguin for a book about a fire fighter.
Megan W.
Author “Chasing Butterflies”

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